Mission Statement

Dedication to a sustainable future means making plans that rest on the three pillars of economic, environmental and social benefits. Mindful of the health and welfare of their farms, workers, and communities, California’s strawberry farmers are dedicated to sustainable farming practices, pioneering breakthroughs in resource conservation, food safety, and pest management – supporting the health of the community, improving safety and reducing environmental impacts.

The Issue

Since the 1990’s, many berry farmers shifted to clear plastic packaging shaped as a vented box with a hinged lid, also known as a clamshell. This type of packaging created a market to convert recycled plastic water bottles into clear, lightweight containers that protect the fruit from damage and contamination, and reducing food waste. Clamshell packaging decreases greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the amount of raw resources needed to make the packaging, and reducing fuel use as lighter packaging makes lighter shipments. Changes in laws and regulations regarding recycled content of plastic containers, and consumer demand for more sustainable packaging, requires that food producers and distributors, packaging manufacturers, material recycling facilities, and consumers, all work together to ensure that recycle-able content is captured and reprocessed into new packaging.

Berry Shippers Taking Action

Working together as competitive collaborators, berry shippers have committed to these actions:

What The Public Needs To Know

The more you know, the more we can accomplish! Here are some steps you can take to help the environment:

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